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Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance and Rehabs

Property Maintenance | Aspect Properties


Unfortunately, houses are ever changing objects and from time-to-time things do tend to break. When that happens, it is important to have a maintenance team you can trust.

From our in-house maintenance staff, to our talented stable of subcontractors, Aspect Properties has your back.

We know how to get a repair done right, and we make sure to let you know if it is a house related repair, or one we should be charging back to the tenant.

Rehab and Construction services by Aspect Properties

Rehab Services

Aspect Properties can also offer you assistance in remodeling or renovating your investment property.

We work with a wide range of affordable and talented contractors, as well as our staff employees, to give you the biggest payback on your budget. Rehab is an important part of investment properties, before and between tenants.

Our full service construction group can make sure that the property is brought up to local code, or renovated to enhance your return.

Full Service Property Management by Aspect Properties

Vacant Home Security

Aspect Properties has teamed up with Rocca Products to offer superior board-up options for vacant homes. The upfront cost is a bit more than plywood, but lasts longer and you keep ownership of the materials.

These steel security panels definitely make scrappers think twice before attempting to enter your vacant home.

We want to make sure you are protected, and our partnership with Rocca Products should make sure you are!

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