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Investment Property Sales

Investment Property Sales and Services

Currently Available Investment Properties from Aspect Properties

Metro Detroit Michigan Investment Homes
If you don't see anything you like, let us know and we will begin looking for it!

Target investment property with Aspect Properties

Target Properties

Aspect Properties works directly with many foreclosure groups, investment groups and private owners to offer you the widest range of options when it comes to purchasing the right investment property for you.

Our connections can find you homes that may not be available on the open market.

We know the rental landscape of the Metro Detroit area and can position you in the best rental markets to give you the largest chance at success.

Rehab and Construction services by Aspect Properties

Rehab Services

Aspect Properties can also offer you assistance in remodeling or renovating your investment property.

We work with a wide range of affordable and talented contractors, as well as our staff employees, to give you the biggest payback on your budget. Rehab is an important part of investment properties, before and between tenants.

Our full service construction group can make sure that the property is brought up to local code, or renovated to enhance your return.

Full Service Property Management by Aspect Properties

Property Management

With over 25 years of experience in the Property Management field, we are well aware of the challenges you face when you try to rent out or manage your property.

Aspect Properties takes care of each customer on an individual basis.

We want to make sure that your needs are taken care of, and that your property is kept at the level that you expect.

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